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Open source and open innovation

In this clear and informative article, Rowan Wilson defines and explores open innovation, and examines the areas of agreement and difference between the notions of 'open innovation' and 'free and open source software'.

Contribute to FOSS and reap the benefits

Why would you want to work on a FOSS project instead of doing in-house development? The benefits for the FOSS community are obvious, but what are the benefits for your organisation?

Top tips for building an innovation culture

A report from Cambridge University recently proved something fundamental to all leaders. Innovation success is primarily dependent on corporate culture. In a study of 800 firms across 17 cultures, company culture was the single greatest determinant of innovation success – not process, star hires, R&D spend, budget or national culture. Yet developing a culture of innovation, especially radical innovation, is challenging.

Top 5 questions about implementing open innovation

'How do I implement open innovation in my organisation?' is one of the questions that emerged from a series of executive roundtable discussions on open innovation conducted in the UK and the US. In this article, David Fazzina identifies the top five questions and offers some possible answers:

Let the open source way take you outside your comfort zone

Developers in the open source software world collaborate beyond the walls of the company, says DeLisa Alexander of Red Hat. Creating a culture that nurtures this kind of broad collaboration is a difficult task, but when a culture is primed for collaboration, people tend to more willingly step outside their comfort zones, span boundaries, and take on new responsibilities.

Open innovation in software

A radical shift in the way innovation takes place is unfolding around the globe, creating a new open innovation culture that changes everything. In this article, Gabriel Hanganu looks at open innovation from the perspective of open source software development, and at the innovation processes that take place naturally in successful open source projects.

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