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Innovation begins with fascination

Mitch Ditkoff believes that innovation begins with fascination, the state of being intensely interested in something, and asserts that 'a person who is fascinated does not need to be motivated ... or managed ...

How do you spot an innovator?

'True innovators know how to take a punch', says Stephen Sackur in 'The secrets of changing the world'. In this article he distils what he has learned over the years from the many exceptional people he has interviewed, and finds some common qualities that 'seem to separate us sheep from the innovative goats':

  • an indestructible will
  • passion beyone reason
  • outrageous optimism
  • a super-sized ego
  • a rebel spirit


TransferSummit report

'To a large degree, TransferSummit highlighted the success of open innovation. The presence of so many powerful speakers and the sheer breadth of experience on display speaks volumes about how far things have come.' If you  couldn't make it to TransferSummit, or simply want to refresh your memory, Sam Jordison's report will take you on a lively journey through the two-day event and highlight some of its key themes and presentations.

What is an Open Source Company?

'What is an open source company?' asks Michael Widenius in his blog 'Monty Says'. He argues that 'it's clear that just because some of your product(s) is available under an open source licence, you can't claim to be an open source company, as that would make the term meaningless', and offers this definition:

Open Invention Network experienced 35% growth in licensees during the second quarter

Open Invention Network (OIN) recently announced a significant increase in the size of the OIN community of licensees during its most recent fiscal quarter. During the second quarter of 2010, OIN signed 36 new licensees and announced the recruitment of Canonical as its first associate member. This represents a 35% growth in its community of licensees, with the community currently numbering 140 open source supporters.

How to successfully implement collaborative idea management

Collaborative idea management is a method for learning from the 'wisdom of the crowd' in order to drive innovation. Karin Wall gives you an introduction to designing a successful collaborative idea management system and effectively using the creative potential of your employees, customers and partners to address your innovation challenges.

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