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Oxford skyline

Four types of crowdsourcing

Steve Keifer recently finished reading Jeff Howe’s book Crowdsourcing. 'One of the key takeaways I gained from the book was that there are multiple approaches to crowdsourcing. Some depend upon active collaboration within virtual community of individuals, while others benefit from the opposite. For example, prediction markets maximize value not through collaboration, but from minimal interaction between participants.

Open Source: it's all LinkedIn

The professional networking site LinkedIn is built with community managed open source. 'At LinkedIn, we love open source,' we read in a recent blog. 'We’re committed to contributing to Hadoop and Pig and giving back to the open source community through projects like Azkaban and Voldemort.

NASA open innovation competition delivers three winning solutions

Last week, write Robynn Sturm and Phil Larson, NASA announced 'outstanding results' from three pilot Challenges posted on InnoCentive, an online innovation marketplace where more than 200,000 of the world’s brightest minds solve tough problems for cash awards.

Grow your own veggies and keep an eye on your neighbour’s

Gabriel Hanganu tells the inspiring story of how an urban community built a thriving and sustainable vegetable garden, with limited space and minimal financial input, and reflects: 'This is a good illustration of open innovation facilitated by connecting groups with apparently disparate sets of skills.'

TransferSummit/UK 2010 – an impression « Interlinux Blog

TransferSummit/UK 2010 – an impression. Surrounded by stunning buildings lit up by the bright sunlight, Keble College in spotless Oxford was the perfect international setting for TransferSummet/UK 2010. “…a forum for business executives ...

Open innovation project REALISE started at TransferSummit

TransferSummit was not only the place to find out everything you've always wanted to know about open source, but also the birthplace of REALISE, a newly funded open innovation project in the JISC Business and Community Engagement programme. REALISE, which held its first meeting at the conference, aims to work with open source projects and encourage collaboration between communities. Where better to begin than TransferSummit?

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