Open Gadget Playtime

Tech gadgets are fun, and gadgets that are the result of open development have extra appeal. TransferSummit will showcase several interesting and innovative examples of open gadgets during
the conference. Attendees will have an opportunity for some 'hands-on' play-time with these gadgets in the registration lobby during breaks. It's a perfect chance to grab a drink, have a friendly chat and play with some of the cool gadgets we have.

A mechanical printer on a desk with computer


The original low cost 3D printer that can print itself. Probably the ultimate open geek toy as it embodies collaborative principles. Not only can the RepRap can print useful stuff, but you can even print another RepRap for a friend. RepRap site. Come and see if you can work out what the RepRap is printing.

A Kinect sensor on a desk behind a flying AR Drone

AR.Drone with Kinect control

Here's a great example of open innovation from Dave Tarrant and Ben O'Steen. Using open source access to the Microsoft Kinect sensor it is now possible to fly the amazing AR.Drone with full body gestures. Ben's blog post. Come and see it in action, and maybe get a chance to test your flying skills.

Two women listening to a talking book device

Talking Book

An affordable and durable audio record and playback device. Designed specifically for people who cannot read and who live without electricity, this device from Literacy Bridge enables local experts to spread information to the most inaccessible communities on earth. TalkingBook site. Discover how easy it is to record a message and pass it on.

An electronic circuit board and joystick connected with a cable


This hardware and software facilitates access to mobile devices for people with physical mobility impairments. The Arduino-based open hardware connects via Blutooth to an Android mobile and provides control and text entry using a simple switch device or joystick. Tekla site. Can you navigate a talking ebook using just an on/off switch.

Compute screen with web cam image of a face with a rectangle drawn over it


This open mouse replacement software moves the pointer as you move your head and clicks when you pause. It works on Linux or Windows PCs equipped with a web camera. eViacam site. Can you operate the computer using only head movements?

Digital electronic device with a display of 2 rows of numbers

LilyPad wearable / mobile artwork / game

This example of Rain Ashford's 'wearable' gadgets use an Arduino, conductive thread and velcro to create an interactive game and art work. Custom software plays appropriate tunes. Rain's blog.

Digital electronic device with a display of 2 rows of numbers

No Numbers

This art work by Andrew Back explores copyright, and the analogue-digital distinction. Music is transformed into a sequence of numbers which the viewer is encouraged to copy down. At a rate of one number per second it would take 4 weeks to transcribe the original. Andrew is presenting at 15:50 on Weds. Andrew's description

Digital electronic circuit board with a light glowing


Ken Boak's Nanode is a low cost, web connected, physical computing platform based on the same technology as Arduino. It connects to a range of wireless, wired and ethernet interfaces and allows you to develop web based sensor and control systems. Nanode website

2 views of a digital electronic circuit board

Android Open Accessory Development Kit

The Android ADK is an Arduino based board that allows a range of USB devices to be connected to Android powered devices. Thus the ADK enables Android devices to support USB accessories even though many are not designed to do so. ADK website

A digital electronic circuit board

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Foundation is creating a small ultra-low-cost computer, primarily for use in teaching programming to children. This current alpha board is designed to plug into a TV or be combined with a touch screen for a low cost tablet. Eben Upton is presenting on Weds. at 14:20. Raspberry Pi Foundation