Dissemination beyond academic circles

Most academic projects are adept at disseminating their results within the academic community. But when it comes to reaching out to the non-academic sector, relationships rarely go beyond initial project partners. An EU-funded project from the University of Bolton is experiencing the benefits of moving beyond the traditional dissemination routes. By entering The Apache Software Foundation's Incubator, the project is attracting interest from both the academic and the commercial sectors. This allows for a wider collaboration on the software product, which in turn leads to more research and commercial funding activities. This talk explores how funded academic projects can become important beyond academic borders.

Session time: Friday, June 25, 2010 - 11:30am - 12:10pm

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About the Speaker

Scott Wilson

Assistant Director, CETIS
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Scott Wilson is Assistant Director of CETIS, the JISC's innovation support centre for interoperability and standards in the UK higher and further education sectors. As well as working on Apache Wookie (Incubating), Scott is a contributor to W3C, the Open Web Foundation, CEN and other standards organisations. Prior to working in CETIS, Scott worked in the commercial software sector, in areas such as CRM, business intelligence and criminal intelligence.

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